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Read Aloud Workshop in Japan by Emi Oshima

I have been organized workshop for schools (so far at private elementary schools), major bookstores, private organizations, and our own place. Along with my real workshops, some magazines had asked me to have a "virtual" workshop on magazines as well.

With Japanese picture books, "read for kids" activities are very popular these days in Japan and some organization or media asked me a comment on the topics or to do with English picture books.
However, my answers are always the same; Sorry, but it doesn't work with Japanese kids. Instead, I recommend we should "read aloud along with kids" that what I do in my workshop.

To carry on read aloud workshop, it is very important for me to choose right books. Only good books are good to read aloud. I choose very good books but I always wonder if I can supply audio tapes or CD to my attendees to review.

Recording original passages is now matter of authors'rights. I wish to make things easier some way to help Japanese learners to learn English.






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